Rose of Jericho

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Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho also know as the Resurrection Plant will magically open up and return green as if coming from life to death with a little water.

To plant:

Find container with no drain holes. Place small pebbles/ rocks in bottom (optional). Fill container with water until pebbles/rocks are covered 1 inch above the pebbles/rock or 3 inches of water. YOU DO NOT NEED A LOT OF WATER. ONLY ENOUGH TO SUBMERGE THE ROOTS OF THE PLANT. Place the Rose of Jericho in container roots down. Set in non direct light.

*Most plants open up and turn green within 4-6 hours.
*Plant does not need direct sunlight. Place in an area does not have direct high heat conditions. Will do best in room temperature conditions.
*Water can be changed every 3-6 days and used for cleansing the home.
*Plant can be dried out and placed in water again.
*Plant will will open for a while, until it has exhausted its internal moisture content.